GDC Vault Book Club

June 24, 2018 all-day UTC Timezone

Every year at the Game Developers Conference, game developers vow to catch up on all the dozens of talks that they missed by watching them on the GDC Vault website. But they never do, because they get busy, they forget, and then they don’t think about it again until next GDC. Well, not this year! To keep ourselves honest, a few of us have started a little GDC Vault Book Club (vault club?) where we agree to watch at least one GDC talk per week.

This book club exists on the IGDA Student SIG Discord Server. The proper channel to discuss the book club is: Event Channels > #gdc-vault-book-club.

Basic Instructions

Every week will have the same routine: first we’ll vote on which talk to watch, then we’ll have the rest of the week to watch the talk at our own pace and talk about it in the #gdc-vault-book-club channel.

How Voting Works

  1. The voting period starts on every Sunday morning and ends Monday night. So you have roughly 48 hours to vote. We have a bot that announces when voting period begins and ends.
  2. During the voting period, post a link to a GDC talk that you’d like us all to watch.
  3. Also during this time, vote on the talk by adding the ✅ reaction to the post with the link. The link with the most votes win.
  4. You are allowed to vote for your own link.

How The Rest Of It Works

  1. Once we’ve agreed on a talk, you will have the rest of the week to watch it at your own pace. This means you’ll have from Tuesday morning to Saturday evening.
  2. At any time during the week you can join the conversation about the GDC talk on this channel.

Other Info

  1. Yes, a GDC Vault subscription is expensive. 🙁
  2. But there are many talks which are available as free to the public! Free talks are available on the GDC Vault YouTube page as well as the GDC Vault website.
  3. IGDA members get a 10% discount on Vault subscriptions. To use it, just login to your IGDA membership account and then visit the Member Benefits page.
  4. GDC does not allow Vault subscribers to share their credentials with other users, but if you know someone with access to the Vault, you can always watch a session with them.

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