Meet the New Co-Chairs of the Student SIG

Hello everyone!

Allow me to introduce the Student SIG’s two new co-chairs:

  1. Aaron Oak is an indie game developer. He currently does UI design, community management, and production for the upcoming fighting game Cerebrawl.
  2. Gregory “Rory” Ksionda is a hobbyist game programmer. Rory is currently working in the tech industry as a programmer at Mixpanel.
  3. And of course, I’m still here, so I’ll reintroduce myself: I’m Livio De La Cruz, a freelance programmer who specializes in Unity and VR. I work with a lot of indies/startups.

All of us are in Seattle, WA in the United States.

The Student SIG is getting ready to tackle the new school year. If you lead an academic chapter, you’ll be receiving an email about annual chapter renewal soon.

Also please join our Discord Server! We’re planning on having Discord be the main hub for the Student SIG community going forward.